Pilates Trainer

An experienced teacher from BASI, an old American Pilates brand.

As a mother of two children, she has experienced weight gain and weight loss during pregnancy twice, and her waist injury recovery experience has made her interested in fat loss and shaping, Pilates, pain relief, and body improvement during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Had very good personal experience.

YANA believes in the power of Pilates. Through one breath and one breath, with complete and smooth movements, and the process of coordinating and shaping the whole body, Pilates can help you achieve many goals such as shaping and slimming, recovery during pregnancy and postpartum, and body improvement.

Whether you want to improve hunchback, correct scoliosis, balance high and low shoulders, adjust pelvic forward tilt, or shape beautiful legs, we can provide you with the most professional guidance.

YANA PILATES, warm, elegant and professional, is looking forward to your visit and walk towards a healthy and beautiful life with us.

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